We organize online doctor appointments across India according to your specific requirements or recommend doctors according to your requirements. We collect the medical history and recommend the best treatment plan you choose based on your preferred location.

Telemedicine has been committed to providing medical services to patients in remote areas for many years. Telemedicine expands access to patients and enables doctors and healthcare providers to expand remotely. We cooperate with various organizations to provide telemedicine solutions in many parts of the country.

Once you submit your medical history, we will assist you in obtaining a Medical Visa Invitation Letter from the concerned hospital so that you can pursue a Medical Visa in your country.

Medtriplanner provides 24/7 hospital support to help patients in finding affordable and high-quality treatment options in India. We are proud to work with some of the best hospitals, bringing together a team of experienced medical professionals with latest technology.

Regular check-ups and tests help to find problems before they occur. If the problem is detected early, the chances of recovery and treatment will increase.

We purchase authentic medicines for you according to the doctor’s prescriptions and conduct physical examinations at a diagnostic centre accredited by National authorities in India.

After arriving in your country, we will carry out follow-up treatment in accordance with the treatment plan. Contact relevant departments/hospitals and other aftercare services.

We believe in the quality of care at an affordable cost. This is an unparalleled benefit. Since we have tie-ups with leading super speciality hospitals nationwide and are well versed with the latest trends, changes and development within the medical industry in India, we will professionally bring forward to you the best treatment packages in India that suit your budget. Compared with western hospitals, we do not promise to restore health at a small cost.

We provide high-quality hotels/hotels so that you can enjoy a perfect stay at home during your treatment in India. We ensure that the carefully selected rooms for patients and their families are clean, tidy, and provide a safe environment that meets your expectations.

All’s well that ends well. There is nothing better than a high-profile tour. Travelling to another country for treatment can bring uncertainty, anxiety, stress and costs; after all, you certainly deserve attention and care. Sightseeing at the end of your medical trip is the perfect solution.

In addition, these trips often play an important role in recovery. From snowy mountains, deserts, beaches, jungles, spas and resorts, India has everything. We are in contact with major travel agencies all over India. We believe that choice and budget will make this medical trip an enjoyable trip for you. It only requires you to plan your trip in advance. It just requires you to plan your tour well in advance, if you wish, we can professionally plan a perfect holiday package for you that fits your choice and budget.

24x7 Medical Experts assistance in case of Emergency/Critical situations

Dedicated Patient coordinator in India without any extra cost